About Us

Sport has the power to transform and empower us. As one of the world’s leading sports brands, it’s only natural that we want to stand on the same playing field as the fastest athletes on the planet. To achieve that, the PUMA brand is based on the very values that make an excellent athlete.

Simple yet refined. Birkenstock sets the standard for comfort, quality and functionality, and it all starts with our carefully selected, high-quality materials from sustainable sources.


The original, iconic Birkenstock footbed is known for its high-quality natural materials: cork, latex and jute.

Cork is perhaps the most recognizable component of Birkenstock. Did you know that “cork” is actually the outer bark of a cork oak, and regrows every 7-10 years after harvesting? The cork used by Birkenstock comes from production overages of the wine and bottling industries. Rather than going to waste, Birkenstock repurposes this precious natural resource as a primary material of its footbed.

Natural latex is used along with cork to give the Birkenstock footbed its flexible, supportive qualities. Like cork, natural latex is also a renewable resource, obtained from the resin of rubber trees.

Jute is another natural, renewable material that’s an integral part of the Birkenstock footbed. Moisture-wicking fibers provide sturdy structure above and below the core cork-latex.